Once booked we hold the boat out of rental availability and turn business away for that date and time. The ability to reschedule is therefore limited and based on the general popularity of the day. Weekends are always busy for instance and may prove a bit more challenging but we will make a reasonable effort to reschedule without penalty.


As we are a boating company we go rain or shine. If there is a category storm – hurricane, tropical storm, etc. – then the owner will have the client reschedule or cancel without penalty.

In the case of weather concerns, if we are still sending boats out – the owner’s call – and you decide to cancel anyway you will have two options: you can either lose your deposit or you may pay the balance and we will issue you a Gift Certificate (credit) that you may use at a later date. The Gift Certificate has no expiration date.

In the case of a captain – if you cancel last minute the captain will still have to be paid. If you choose the Gift Certificate option the boat will be paid for but you would need to pay for a captain once again when you book.

There is no cancellation within 30 days without penalty. If you decide to cancel and not choose the Gift Certificate option, you will get charged 50% of the rental fee.